Decentralized indexer for Bitcoin based token standards

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The Indexer Problem

Bitcoin based token standards such as BRC20 have grown to billions of dollars in TVL. But these protocols are guarded by centralized and closed source indexers, often maintained by single entities

This creates a centralized point of failure and potential attack vector for the growing DeFi ecosystem on Bitcoin

Unigraph Protocol

Open Source

Unigraph aims to solve this issue by creating the first open sourced, decentralized indexer for Bitcoin token standards


The Unigraph indexer will be managed by a network of node operators, where anyone can participate based on staking GRPH tokens


This secures and decentralizes token standards on the Bitcoin network and allows for new DeFi primitives to be created in a non-custodial way, paving the way for trustless DEXes, lending markets, stablecoin protocols and more

GRPH Token

GRPH is a utility token that powers the Unigraph ecosystem. Node operators work together to provide data access to users and receive GRPH rewards.The GRPH token is used to incentivize participants in the Unigraph protocol.

Users of the Unigraph protocol will pay to access data using GRPH tokens. The aim is for Unigraph to become the de facto standard for data availability on the Bitcoin network.

Unigraph and the GRPH token will play a crucial role in decentralizing Bitcoin based token data and making the ecosystem more accessible and functional for developers and end users. The token was fair launched and is available for trading on Unisats and OKX.

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In progress
Beta mainnet for BRC20
Mainnet for BRC20
Onboarding of additional token standards
Oracle protocol introduction