Unigraph is building

The World’s Knowledge Graph

Creating the infrastructure and building the web of interconnected data, a datasource at the time. Innovative approach to big data storage and retrieval combined with the best practices in evolving ontology design power the distributed Knowledge Graph of the future and its real-time data API

Structured data is changing the world

Unigraph provides access to data from dispersed sources to empower an ecosystem for data-driven decisions

The world is drowning in data and starving for quality, organized data at the same time. Many open data sets are not open in any meaningful way, as Open data does not equal Usable data: different formats, unclear schema (organization), multiple disconnected sources are just few of the problems of data integration into any solution.

Our mission is to organize and reconcile the world’s structured data under a simple, recognizable schema. The combined Unigraph knowledge is accessed through monthly data dumps or in real time over the API

Myriad of datasources

Unigraph combines data from multiple sources: from government agencies to community repos like Wikidata

Continuous Reconciliation

Discovery and merging of the same entities across various datasets never stops and nodes continue to grow

Universal schema

The Unigraph schema combines the strict rules of Freebase with the diversity of the Wikidata community
Our monthly data dump is Free

We collect, clean and combine Open Data. We contribute the aggregated data back to the community via our monthly data dumps as we firmly believe that knowledge should be free and accessible

Innovate with the Unigraph API

Leverage the world’s knowledge with just a few lines of code. The Unigraph API is the most easy and efficient way to query large amounts of connected data about every object from the world we live in

Dedicated and isolated instance

Multigraphs are great for reconciliation and enrichment of proprietary data. An on-premise installation of the Unigraph engine is independent, secure and can handle just about any data

Supporting all versions of the truth

Keeping track of which source reported what, when and filtering accordingly is better than having a single, subjective point of view

Data is infinite

Many data points in Unigraph push virtually infinite data (climate & trading data, etc.) The system stores and retrieves it efficiently

Knowledge in the public domain

We believe access to knowledge is a fundamental human right and we’re commited to distribute the Unigraph’s data for free, forever

Response time is crucial

Unigraph is ready to provide answers in real-time and power applications where each millisecond matters

Open is the default

We consider all data accessible online as open and strive to map and import it. A growing community of enthusiasts helps us in this effort

Simple query language

Inspired by GraphQL the Unigraph query language is simple, yet powerful and requires very little time to get used to
Together we share 40+ years experience in building and scaling big data solutions

Atanas Youroukov

Engineer & Founder


Martin Linkov

Engineer & Founder


Igor Mihalik



Michal Jemala


Latest datasets additions
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    Wikidata is a valuable weekly source of information for UniGraph. We have developed extensive schema mapping, data extraction and validation logics to keep up with the evolution of the project.

    Type: Incremental | Updated: Weekly

  • null


    The information from the latest freebase data dump has been cleaned, standardized and flattened

    49M+ Entities | 3B+ Facts | Type: Historical

  • null

    mySociety: EveryPolitician

    We’re finalizing the import rules and mapping logics of the aggregated data on 71,261+ politicians (MPs and equivalents for now) from 233+ countries assembled and continuously expanded by the EveryPolitician team.

    Type: Incremental | Updated: Weekly

  • null

    Infogreffes: Companies Registrations 2012 - 2016

    The commercial Courts of France are providing limited information on company registrations and strike offs covering the period from 2012 to 2016. Overcoming fields mismatches and other minor issues with the data we’ve imported all data opened for the public.

    Type: Historical

  • null


    GeoNames is arguably the largest, free geographical database available. GeoNames serves as the seed for UniGraph’s geographical names information

    Type: Incremental | Updated: Weekly

  • null

    Companies House: Company Data Product

    In the UK the Companies House incorporates and dissolves limited companies, registers the information companies are legally required to supply, and makes that information available to the public.

    Type: Incremental | Updated: Weekly

  • null

    SEC: EDGAR Interactive Company Filings

    A historical import covering all filings in XBRL format spanning back to 2005 is constantly updated with new filings disseminated by the EDGAR data feeds daily.

    Type: Incremental | Updated: Weekly

  • null

    OGD Lower Austria: Live Births 2011 - 2014

    Statistical Information on live births in the period 2011-2015 as reported by the authorities of the Lower Austria region by sex and residential community of the mother

    Type: Historical

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