Vienna and Beyond

In an international competition for innovative business solutions chartered by the Vienna Business Agency and Pioneers Discover commencing in May on the main stage of the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Unigraph was awarded the “Welcome to Vienna” expansion package by the Executive City Councillor of Finance, Economy & International Affairs of the city of Wien – Renate Brauner

For three months, starting in September, we’ll benefit from a co-working and accommodation package in the Austrian capital, but most importantly the forthcoming support and attention of the many departments of the Vienna Business Agency tasked to help innovative, international businesses establish and grow in Vienna and Austria.

Over the past year we’ve already been quite active and participating in many hackathons, events and conferences in Vienna and across Austria. We’ve presented Unigraph at the regular Open Data Meetups, established and nurtured relationships with the local branch of the Open Knowledge Foundation, the University of Economics, Open Data champions from the local government and many big and small, local and international enterprises.

We regard the “Welcome to Vienna” package as a great aid in our internalization and expansion efforts and extend our gratitude to all parties involved in the creation and realization of the initiative. We’ll be sharing more of our experiences from the program here and on twitter.